The Toolbar

Clicking this button will bring up the main menu.


2. Sunday School / Classroom

Clicking this button (though sometimes it may look different) will alternate the view between viewing a list of classrooms and viewing all checked in children.  This button may look like:

a star (when you are viewing a list of classrooms)

the staff icon (when you are viewing all the staff)

the Sunday school icon (when you are viewing all checked in children or a specific classroom)


3. Help

Clicking (or tapping) this button will open a new chat window.  You can chat with live support.  This support is even available on Sunday mornings (because that’s when you needed the fastest response!).  Feel free to drop in and say hi or thanks ;).


4. Account & Profile Options

Here you will find options to edit your profile (name, email address, password, etc).  If you have permission you will also have access to account and billing options.


5. Log Out

To keep your accounts secure, it’s best to log out when you are finished.  If your profile is inactive for a period of time, you will automatically be logged out.  Visit to log back in.