Send A Page

How do I send a page to a parent?

Choosing to page a child’s guardian will send a text message to their phone.  You can send prepared message or custom by following the steps below.

1. Swipe and Click

Start from the Sunday school or classroom screens.  You will know you are on the Sunday school screen because it will say “Sunday School” at the top of the screen (#1 in image below).  If you are in the Sunday school or classroom screen the icon on the bottom of the screen will show children (#2 in image below).

Swipe (right to left) or click the name of the child and click the “page” button (#3 in image below).


2. Send Your Message

From the drop down menu, choose the message you would like to send, or choose “custom message” to send your own message (your messages are limited to 140 characters).

Then press send.

Note: Custom messages are not available with basic plans.
Note: Your user account must have permission to send custom messages.  If this choice is missing, talk to an administrator about upgrading your user account.