More than just Bzz Bzz.

NurseryPager.com provides an easy to use interface that allows you to give every parent a nursery pager – at one low monthly cost.

I created NurseryPager.com because my church didn’t want to spend $3,000 to upgrade our pager system (we didn’t have enough).  And so I added a few other features too :)


1. The “Bzz Bzz” Feature

Of course you need devices that go “bzz bzz” when you need to get a hold of a parent.  But more than just buzzing, NurseryPager allows you to send custom messages to parents.

So you could send a message like “please come to the nursery”, or you could send a message like “OMG!  Come quick!  See what Johnny has stuck in his nose! (Oh, it’s room 250)”.


2. The “Unlimited” Feature

Unlimited pagers. Unlimited staff.  Unlimited base stations.

1… 2… 3…  No more counting pagers!  You get unlimited pagers, which never need to be returned!  :)

And (perhaps) still better you get unlimited “base terminals”.  No more running out of classrooms to page a parent – every staff can have a “base terminal” in their pocket.


3. Child Check-in

Check kids in with the simplest system available.  You don’t need to make and pair profiles, or fill in lots of details.  Simply enter the phone number and choose the kids.  Done.

Or you know what?  Let the parents do it themselves!


4. “The Insurance Policy”

Use NurseryPager’s secure checkout feature to keep kids safe.  The secure check-out requires parents to enter a pin before checking out their kids.  And that means your butt is covered.  And we’ve got you covered in more ways too: we keep an electronic audit trail of the who, what, where and when of what’s happening at your Sunday School.  

I’m confident it will “never happen” to you, but the good news is, if you do end up with troubles, you’ll have an electronic history to fall back on.


5. Staff-wide Emergency Broadcasts

Text all your staff, all at once :)  I’m not sure what else to say here, because it’s really just that easy.