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Hi there :)

You might be wondering a little about me.  I mean, who is this globe-trotting, hard-working, overly-generous, ruggedly handsome missionary?      

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Who am I?
Why school?
Where did NurseryPager come from?
What is NurseryPager my passion?
Where does the revenue go?


Who am I?

In the summer months I am a pool boy :).  

I come from a small town where I grind out a living helping my parents grow their small business.  In the winters used to travel (like my recent 6 month mission to Haiti) and volunteer (I was a volunteer youth pastor).

But now at 32, I am now able to pursue a dream that seemed so far out of reach that I didn't know it would be possible!   I am now a college student! (We serve a big God!)


Why School?

Because of my work overseas, I know that there isn’t anything more valuable than travelling with uncommon skills.  And like the missionaries of old, I am pursuing Medicine!  

I’m starting with an Associates Degree in Health and Fitness Promotion, but working toward the goal of becoming a doctor!

Before NurseryPager, a degree of any kind was out of reach.  So I want to say thank you for your support!


Where did NurseryPager come from?

I created NurseryPager to help my church.  But now it helps dozens of churches.  It started when my pastor asked me if I could create something so we wouldn’t have to buy new pagers.  Our church is a giving church… And we hate spending thousands on stuff like that!


Why is NurseryPager is my passion?

I’m excited about NurseryPager because it does two things really well.  It helps churches and it changes lives.

We hear hyperbole like this all the time.  “This app has changed my life” (look no further than the hilarious Dollar Shave club “it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me” commercial).  But that’s not what I’m talking about.

NurseryPager has changed how churches do things.  And I think that’s awesome :).  But changed lives?  Probably not.  Your church is changing lives.  Though I like to think I’m part of that.  

My passion is saving churches money

so that you can spend it on what really matters.  People and community… Not hardware and equipment.


How has NurseryPager changed lives then?

Through its revenue!  

While a lot of the revenue goes towards paying for the servers, programming and my “office” at Starbucks ;), it has also supported domestic and foreign missionaries, funded my mission to build a health clinic in Haiti (6 month mission), sent a Haitian to university for four years (talk about changing the trajectory of a family!) and supported other great projects!


Together our cooperation has benefited dozens of churches in United States and Canada, while also changing communities and lives here and abroad!

Selfies :p